Review_ All Moons. All the moons


by Alfonso Rivera

14/05/2021 – Igor Legarreta tells a sorrowful, sinister story of vampires, by means of which a lady who has fallen sufferer to the shortcomings of adults is ceaselessly trapped in childhood

In 2017, Igor Legarreta made his feature-length directorial debut with When You No Longer Love Me , a Spanish-Argentinian co-production recounting a family drama story with political battle, a positive sense of humour and, deep down, a contact of romanticism. Now, he is releasing Ilargi Guztiak. Todas las lunas , a picture seemingly a far cry from his first effort, although they do share positive similarities. On account of this generally is a film that slots into the mythological-fantastical fashion; however, it doesn’t search to produce shocks or low-cost horror ideas, nevertheless pretty prompts reflection and even covers existentialism as a result of it broaches such intense topics as immortality, faith and, similar to in his attribute debut, the difficult relationships between fathers/mothers and their children.

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Above all, the Basque filmmaker makes use of this horrible story to deal with the darkish, selfish aspect of affection, after we mistakenly assume that our beloved one is our private property. Proper right here, we see a stifling mother-daughter relationship, the place the offspring is forbidden from flying free, and the place the grownup seems to the child for a remedy for loneliness and to fill the void inside themselves. On this movie, set by means of the troubled events of centuries earlier, a witch (carried out by Itziar Ituño) seeks to make up for her shortcomings by discovering a wounded girl inside the woods (first-time actress Haizea Carneros) and holding her prisoner. Nonetheless, she fails to specify the small print of the contract that she presents her to sign: on this case, it contains being condemned to immortality.

In an effort to tell such a spooky story, Legarreta has drawn on magical naturalism, as contradictory as that may sound, on account of similar to Czech photographer Jan Saudek, from whom the director drew inspiration in his mise-en-scène, he has mixed a positive starkness and realism with a particular use of coloration: the ambiance is gloomy and shadowy, nevertheless is under no circumstances monochrome nor in pretend black and white, although the movement begins inside the nineteenth century. Its preliminary half is blueish, fastidiously linked to the night, then there is a central section with warmth, yellowish hues, concluding with a third act the place pink is the dominant coloration.

In addition to, the film oozes a spiritual aura when discussing immortality, meaning to beat dying, thus countering the idea that one’s demise is a part of life. It moreover tackles the reality that faith offers the promise of an afterlife, a bit like a remedy to the fear of disappearing. Thus, whereas the vampires on this attribute steer clear of struggling and ache, they end up condemned to eternal solitude, bereft of happiness; within the meantime, the character of Cándido (Josean Bengoetxea) yearns to essentially really feel alive by loving as quickly as as soon as extra… nevertheless this time unselfishly.

Ilargi Guztiak. Todas las lunas is a producing by Spanish outfits Arcadia Motion Footage, Kowalski Motion pictures, Pris&Batty Motion pictures and Ilargia Motion pictures, in co-production with Noodles Manufacturing (France). Filmax is in charge of its distribution in Spanish theatres along with its worldwide product sales.

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(Translated from Spanish)